Falls are a major cause of injury and hospitalisation in older people, and occur commonly in those over 65. Although most falls do not result in injury, they can lead to fractures, bruises, sprains, and abrasions. Importantly, falls can also affect your confidence and make you reluctant to do the things that you normally would, in turn having an impact on your quality of life.


Importance for people 50+

Falls can be embarrassing, but there are a number of reasons that older people fall. These can include things like numbness in the feet, visual and hearing problems, poor balance, inadequate shoes, and tripping hazards inside and outside the home, dehydration and poor diet, weakness in muscles, or joint stiffness, as well as other medical conditions and medication side effects.  

Many falls can be prevented and sometimes injuries aren’t obvious. If you are having falls, it is a good opportunity to discuss with your healthcare provider to make sure you are ok and understand why you might have fallen. Sometimes, a fall can unmask an underlying health problem.