HIV home nursing services

HIV Nursing and Care

HIV specialist nurses work across a range of settings to provide care and support coordinating your health needs. HIV specialist nurses work with your other health providers and offer a range of at-home and community-focused services across Victoria. In particular, they can provide secondary consultation and advice, help connect you with other services, and manage your healthcare needs.

The following organisations and practitioners are part of collaborate care arrangements, meaning that they operate alongside other services as necessary. These services can be called upon for advice and support at any stage:


Bolton Clarke HIV Program.

Bolton Clarke is the new name for RSL Care and the Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS). Bolton Clarke’s HIV Program sits in the RDNS Homeless Person’s Program and provides home and community–based care and care coordination in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula in partnership with Thorne Harbour Health.

Phone: 1300 33 44 55 and ask for an HIV Clinical Nurse Consultant or Nurse Practitioner

HIV program | Bolton Clarke


HIV Outward Program at The Alfred

The Outward program offers specialist HIV nursing, social work and other support services, who work closely with the HIV medical team at The Alfred, to offer a range of home and community-focused clinical services to clients across Victoria. Their services include care coordination and linking patients with other services across Victoria, support in accessing aged care services, new HIV diagnosis support and complex care management.

HIV Outward Program | The Alfred


HARP Program (Hospital Admission Risk Program)

HARP services provide specialist treatment, planning and support to help people with chronic and complex health issues to manage independently in the community and reduce the risk of being admitted to hospital. Within the HARP Program are HIV specialist nurses and social workers who provide care coordination and support from various hospitals across Melbourne and Victoria.

Monash HIV | Monash Health

HARP | St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

HARP | The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Department of Infectious Diseases | Barwon Health